Whereas, persons interested in becoming involved in the Democratic Party in the County of Kings in the State of New York, who wish to stimulate the interest of young people in government affairs, to promote the involvement of young people in the political process, to educate young voters and people who will become eligible to vote, to advocate those policies and practices consistent with the highest principles of the Democratic Party, to support those candidates for office who articulate such principles and perpetuate the ideals of justice and social welfare, such persons do hereby associate themselves together and form the Young Democrats of Kings County and establish the hereafter stated Constitution and its Bylaws.

BYD's Constitutional Convention

In February 2017, BYD's Executive Board announced an effort to review and update the club's Constitution and Bylaws. Part 1 of our Constitutional Convention was held on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The meeting was adjourned after consideration of Proposals 1 - 19, and some debate and a motion to postpone consideration of Proposal 20. Additionally, several technical amendments were ratified post-facto. A detailed report of the disposition of the proposed amendments considered on 4/25/17 can be found here. The Executive Board will announce Part 2 of the Constitutional Convention during which the remaining amendments will be considered and voted on.

BYD invites you review the information in this email, the original BYD Constitution (1), the proposals considered on 4/25/17 (2), the amended BYD Constitution that incorporates proposals that were ratified on 4/25/17 (3), and those remaining in consideration (4):

1. Original BYD Constitution
2. Proposals Considered at Part 1 of BYD Constitutional Convention 
3. Amended BYD Constitution (updated 4/25/17)
4. Proposals for Consideration at Part 2 of BYD Constitutional Convention

Any BYD voting member may propose additional amendments. Substantive proposals must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the Part 2 of the Constitutional Convention (date TBD), and friendly amendments to existing proposals may be offered at any time before the amendment is considered at the meeting.

Newly proposed amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, and amendments to proposed amendments should be submitted by email to BYD President John Wasserman, BYD Secretary Steph Wheaton, and BYD Legal Director David Karopkin. 

Thanks in advance for bringing typos, inconsistencies, or questions to our attention.